The death of Dafydd ap Gruffydd.

On October 3rd 1283, Dafydd ap Gruffydd, prince of Gwynedd in Wales, became the first person to be tried for what later would become high treason against a king, hewas also the first nobleman executed by being hanged, drawn and quartered. On Palm Sunday 1282 Dafydd ap Gruffydd attacked Hawarden Castle, in so doing, therebyContinue reading “The death of Dafydd ap Gruffydd.”

The first WWII casualty on British soil.

The first Luftwaffe bombing on British soil took place on November 13,1939 northeast of the mainland of Scotland. at Sullom, Northmavine, Shetland . Of the 8 bombs which were dropped only 4 were dropped on land, the other 4 landed in sea. Eye witness Laurence Shuardson said the following of the air raid. ” IContinue reading “The first WWII casualty on British soil.”

The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII.

I have often wondered If World War I was nothing else then a family feud gone out of control. If you look at all the royal families in Europe and even outside of Europe, they are mostly all related  in one way or another. There is nothing more clearer indicating this then a picture whichContinue reading “The Nine Sovereigns at Windsor for the funeral of King Edward VII.”

Penny Black

It may sound like a 19th century Gothic novel or the name of an Irish folk singer but neither apply, Penny Black is in fact the name of the first adhesive postage stamp. It was first issued in Great Britain om May 1 ,1840 but was not valid for use until 6 May   it showedContinue reading “Penny Black”

Fighting for the enemy

Before you read this blog, have a close look at the above picture. It is a picture of an SS soldier, and you have probably seen many pictures like it, but there is something special about this one.On the sleeve on the left arm, at the left bottom, you can see part of a flag,Continue reading “Fighting for the enemy”

Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf? Well apparently Hitler was.

As part of the preparation of ‘Operation Sealion’ the planned invasion of Great Britain. A  secret list of prominent British residents to be arrested, was produced in 1940 by the SS. The original name in German was ‘Sonderfahndungsliste GB’ (Special Search List Great Britain) it was a 144 page document with 2,820 selected targets to beContinue reading “Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf? Well apparently Hitler was.”

The assassination of a British Prime Minister.

British politics is probably the most intriguing politics in the world. With all its traditions and even the sometimes humorous debates in the house of commons are often fascinating. However what many people don’t know that in 1812 on the 11th of May the only ever assassination of a British Prime minister took place.  Continue reading “The assassination of a British Prime Minister.”

The Princess mechanic

Love her or loath her, there is no denying Queen Elizabeth II is an iconic figure and is well able to stand her ground and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. On April 25 1942, at age 16, the then Princss  Elizabeth registered with the Labour Exchange ,the British employment agency atContinue reading “The Princess mechanic”

When the Dutch gave New Netherland to the Brits

Although the Dutch and the Brits are good friends now, it was not always thus. There have been several Anglo-Dutch wars. The 3rd ,  Anglo-Dutch war ended this day in 1674 by the signing of the Westmnster Treaty of 1647. The English were dismayed by the unexpected fact that Dutch raiders managed to capture more EnglishContinue reading “When the Dutch gave New Netherland to the Brits”

WWII Internment camps in Britain

“Collar the lot,” is what Churchill said about the citizens of enemy nations living in the UK, it didn’t matter if they were friend or foe,. During the Second World War (1939 – 1945) a number of internment camps for civilians from enemy countries were established on the Isle of Man. These were based atContinue reading “WWII Internment camps in Britain”