Nanne Zwiep- Died for speaking his mind.

It is very easy to judge in retrospect. It is true that the Dutch could have and should have done more for their Jewish neighbours. However when even speaking out about the Nazi regime could get you arrested and even killed, it is understandable that people were reluctant to act, To be honest I wouldContinue reading “Nanne Zwiep- Died for speaking his mind.”

Chaplain van Lierop-Forgotten Dachau Victim

On April 29, 1945 the US troops liberated Dachau concentration camp. I could post thousands of pictures of teh atrocities which were perpetrated there, but most people would probably only look at one or two pictures and then turn away,because the horror is just too great to endure. The normal human mind can’t fathom theContinue reading “Chaplain van Lierop-Forgotten Dachau Victim”

Table of Death

A name you don’t hear mentioned very often in the context of WWII and the Holocaust is Siegfried Adolf Handloser. He was Chief of the Medical Services of the German Armed Forces during World War II. And held therefore the  most important medical position in the entire German Armed Forces and the Waffen-SS. He couldContinue reading “Table of Death”

Just a fraction of the Horrors.

The picture is of clothes that once belonged to prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp, it was taken shortly after the camp was liberated. When you look a it it looks like a launderette has dumped its load in a courtyard. But this picture tells so much more. Each of those pieces of material andContinue reading “Just a fraction of the Horrors.”

Saving life by taking life.

This is a blog I had wanted to do for a long time but was reluctant to actually start it. I was afraid it would be used out of context by both pro life and pro choice advocates. However  this blog is really about desperation and inhumane sacrifices. I would therefore urge every one  notContinue reading “Saving life by taking life.”

Diet Eman- WWII Hero.

Only the good die young, all the evil seem to live forever is a line from an Iron Maiden song, and there have been times where I thought this to be true, because I saw so many evil people living a long and prosperous lives. But thankfully ever now and then that theory is provenContinue reading “Diet Eman- WWII Hero.”

It would have been easy to turn a blind eye, but Fr.Lichtenberg didn’t.

It would be so easy for ordinary citizens to turn a blind eye to the Holocaust, and indeed many did. I do not judge these people, because  faced with a similar situation I don’t know how I would react. Anyone who was critical against the Nazi regime, could face a prison sentence of worse death.Continue reading “It would have been easy to turn a blind eye, but Fr.Lichtenberg didn’t.”

The Tulp brothers-Evil and Good.

The story of the two Tulp brothers is bizarre and yet intriguing in more way than one. They were half brothers, the older brother took the path of evil although he was a police officer, Where the younger one risked his life by resisting the evil his brother was part of. Sybren Tulp was bornContinue reading “The Tulp brothers-Evil and Good.”

Sigmund Rascher’s end

Sigmund Rascher was without a shadow if a doubt one of the most evil men of the Nazi regime. He was an SS Doctor in service of the Luftwaffe and was one of Himmler’s favourites. Rascher’s wife the actress ,Karoline “Nini” Diehl, was a friend of Himmler, rumours had it that she was Himmler’s mistressContinue reading “Sigmund Rascher’s end”

Postcard from Dachau

Receiving a post card is always a nice event. Be it for your birthday, or a card from someone on their holiday, or a seasons greeting , or just someone keeping in touch. It is like getting a present which has emotional rather then a monetary value. And often  you want to repay this actContinue reading “Postcard from Dachau”