A letter to God-The children of La Maison d’Izieu.

I have seen so many gruesome images of the Holocaust, but for some reason the pictures of these smiling and playing children touche me more then any other. For I know none of them survived, the only crime they committed was being a child. On the morning of 6 April 1944, members of the LyonContinue reading “A letter to God-The children of La Maison d’Izieu.”

Klaus Barbie-The Butcher of Lyon

The story of Klaus Barbie has always intrigued me. His story tells the unfortunate tale of humanity, it is proof that the lives of ordinary humans and victims really don’t matter. Regardless how evil someone is ,if he has any kind of value to any government, heaven and earth will be moved to keep himContinue reading “Klaus Barbie-The Butcher of Lyon”