A very Dickens Christmas meal.

In the mid 1800’s Lady Maria Clutterbuck published a cook book called “what shall we have for dinner?” An introduction was written by Sir Charles Coldstream. It was a cook book typical of the Victorian era. The book did not necessarily instructions how to cook a meal it was more a book of menus. likeContinue reading “A very Dickens Christmas meal.”

The hanging of James Pratt and John Smith- A Darker Dickens story

On the 27th of November 1835, a crowd of people gathered outside Newgate prison in the City of London to watch the first hanging there in two years. James Pratt (1805–1835) also known as John Pratt, and John Smith (1795–1835) were two London men who, in November 1835, became the last two to be executed for sodomy in England. Pratt and Smith wereContinue reading “The hanging of James Pratt and John Smith- A Darker Dickens story”