Brats-Laurel and Hardy were so ahead of their time.

I know I have written about Laurel and Hardy before but now with the biopic of their lives in cinemas across the world, I was reminded how brilliant they were. Unlike their contemporaries like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy’s humor stayed fresh and still appeals to audiences nowadays. Perhaps this is becauseContinue reading “Brats-Laurel and Hardy were so ahead of their time.”

The German actor who was ordered to shoot American soldiers, but refused.

September 17,1944 saw the start of “Operation Market Garden” a failed allied operation during WWII, which had dire consequences for the Dutch population. However this blog is not about that but about the movie made about ‘Operation Market Garden@ a star studded movie made in 1977 directed by Richard Attenborough, with the title ‘A Bridge tooContinue reading “The German actor who was ordered to shoot American soldiers, but refused.”

In Old Arizona- The innovative movie that nearly didn’t get made due to a Jackrabbit.

In Old Arizona is a 1928 American Western film directed by Irving Cummings and Raoul Walsh, nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The film, which was based on the character of the Cisco Kid in the story “The Caballero’s Way” by O. Henry, was a major innovation in Hollywood. It was the first major Western to use the new technology of sound and the first talkie toContinue reading “In Old Arizona- The innovative movie that nearly didn’t get made due to a Jackrabbit.”

The forgotten James Bond

Everyone knows there have been 7 actors who played the illusive 007. Sean Connery,Roger Moore,George Lazenby,Timothy Dalton,Pierce Brosnan,Daniel Craig and David Niven(who played Bond in the parody Casino Royale) And when you exclude the parody Casino Royale there have been 24 movies and number 25 due out in the cinemas in April 2020. Well onContinue reading “The forgotten James Bond”

Operation Petticoat:well part of it.

Operation Petticoat is a 1959 American World War II submarine comedy film in Eastmancolor from Universal-International, produced by Robert Arthur, directed by Blake Edwards, that stars Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. The film tells in flashback the misadventures of the fictional U. S. Navy submarine, USS Sea Tiger, during the opening days of the United States involvement in World War II. Some elements of the screenplay were taken from actual incidents thatContinue reading “Operation Petticoat:well part of it.”

Grease,Elvis and Star Wars

I am not going to apologize for this but it is a fact I am a massive Grease fan, and today happens to be the anniversary of the single “Grease” reaching the #1 position on the Billboard top 100. However as the title of this blog suggests there is more to the story. Here areContinue reading “Grease,Elvis and Star Wars”

Twilight Zone fatal accident

    On this day in 1982, Vic Morrow and two child actors, Renee Shinn Chen and Myca Dinh Le, are killed in an accident involving a helicopter during filming on the California set of Twilight Zone: The Movie. Morrow, age 53, and the children, ages six and seven, were shooting a Vietnam War battle sceneContinue reading “Twilight Zone fatal accident”

Once upon a time in WWII

Once upon a time in the West is not only one of my favourite westerns, it is also one of my favourite movies of all time. Many people don’t appreciate this fact but it is one of the few if not the only movie where Henry Fonda plays the bad guy. But before I rambleContinue reading “Once upon a time in WWII”

High Noon

I contribute this movie to have triggered my long lasting love affair with the silver screen.I vividly remember watching this movie on one of the German TV Channels. Although even at a young age I found it annoying that the Germans just couldn’t resist dubbing any non German movie, I forget how often I haveContinue reading “High Noon”

Charles Harrelson- Woody Harrelson’s Father and contract killer.

If you think this is a bizarre title wait until you read the full story ­ When Woody Harrelson was cast as a psychotic spree killer in Oliver Stone’s film Natural Born Killers, many people were surprised. Since Harrelson was known for playing the innocent, good-natured Woody Boyd on Cheers, it was hard to visualizeContinue reading “Charles Harrelson- Woody Harrelson’s Father and contract killer.”