Major Jan Linzel- WW2 Hero.

On May 5,2019 on the 74th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. One of the heroes who contributed to this liberation passed away aged 103. Like me he was Dutch and like me he had a love for Ireland and we both ended up making this emerald isle our home. But where I amContinue reading “Major Jan Linzel- WW2 Hero.”

Dr Aidan McCarthy-Rescued from Dunkirk -Survived the Nagasaki bomb.

“Aidan MacCarthy was one of a handful of people who survived the two events that mark the beginning and end of the Second World War,” said Jackson, a lecturer in creative media at the Institute of Technology, Tralee. Air Commodore Joseph Aidan MacCarthy OBE, GM (1914–1995) was an Irish doctor of the Royal Air Force who showed great courage, resourcefulness andContinue reading “Dr Aidan McCarthy-Rescued from Dunkirk -Survived the Nagasaki bomb.”

Mary Elmes-Forgotten hero

Marie Elisabeth Jean Elmes (5 May 1908 – 9 March 2002)was an Irish businesswoman and aid worker who is credited with saving the lives of at least 200 Jewish children during the Holocaust by hiding them in the boot of her car.In 2015, she became the first and so far the only Irish citizen honoured asContinue reading “Mary Elmes-Forgotten hero”

The Sinking of the HMS Courageous

On September 15 1939, a convoy contact was made due west of the English Channel, in an area the British called the Western Approaches. The sea lanes were abuzz with traffic and some successes against British shipping had occurred in the early days of the war. To provide at least some form of protection forContinue reading “The Sinking of the HMS Courageous”