Swiss war crimes-The mistreatment of Prisoners of War

Wauwilermoos was an internment as well as prisoner-of-war penal camp during World War II in Switzerland, situated in the municipalities of Wauwil and Egolzwil in the Canton of Luzern. Established in 1940, Wauwilermoos was a penal camp for internees, including for Allied soldiers during World War II, among them members of the United States Army Air Forces, who were sentenced for attempting to escape from other Swiss camps forContinue reading “Swiss war crimes-The mistreatment of Prisoners of War”

Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go, but get out of the POW camp ASAP.

During World War II, Allied soldiers in German prison camps used Monopoly games for more than just amusement. Thanks to an ingenious scheme by a branch of the British Ministry of Defense known as MI9, these soldiers were actually able to use Monopoly games to escape to freedom. Christopher William Clayton Hutton (1893–1965) known to his colleaguesContinue reading “Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go, but get out of the POW camp ASAP.”

Stalag Luft III murders- The real aftermath of the Great Escape

Most of us will have seen the classic WWII movie ‘the Great escape’ usually around every Christmas period or Easter time it will be shown multiple times on a great number of channels. It is one of my favourite wartime movies although it does take quite a number of artistic liberties in relation to someContinue reading “Stalag Luft III murders- The real aftermath of the Great Escape”

Charles Coward-The Count of Auschwitz

What’s in a name? My last name would indicate that I would be someone from a small stature, however with my 1.90 m (6ft23) I could not be considered small by any stretch of the imagination. The same can be said about Charles Coward one of WW2 biggest heroes despite his name. Charles Coward, nicknamedContinue reading “Charles Coward-The Count of Auschwitz”