Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.

Dora Gerstein was a Jewish actress and singer  born  on 23 March 1899  in Berlin. She was murdered on February 14,1943 in Auschwitz. On one of the sites I used to do the research on Dora I noticed the line ‘Body lost or destroyed’. Not only her body was destroyed but also her talent andContinue reading “Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.”

Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain?

Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain? The honest answer is I don’t know but I expect the answer is somewhere in the middle, he was neither a hero or a villain or he was a bit of both. For anyone living in an English speaking country or who grew up outside of Europe, the name Heinz RühmannContinue reading “Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain?”

Oliver Hardy

When you think of a comedy duo the first pair that comes to mind is Laurel $ Hardy, they were and still are ,without a shadow of a doubt the most successful comedy double act of all time. However these 2 were not always a duo, they both had long established careers before they teamedContinue reading “Oliver Hardy”


This Month is has been 93 years since the classic Science Fiction movie “Metropolis” was released. I recently watched it again and was amazed by how fresh the movie still looked, But more then just a Sci-Fi flick it is also a snapshot of the political situation of the time and the years that followed,Continue reading “Metropolis”

The Wilhelm Scream

What do the movies. Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back,Toy Story 3,Juno,Where Eagles Dare and Distant Drums(and a few hundred more) have in common? It’s not the cast or screenplay or even the studio but there are 2 seconds in all these movies which are identical. Those 2 seconds are called “The Wilhelm Scream” which is aContinue reading “The Wilhelm Scream”

They went on to do bigger things.

Over the decades there have been so many iconic movies and TV shows which spawned many big actors and actresses.But it didn’t always happen over night, sometimes these stars started off in big shows or movies with minor obscure rolls, or even in music videos. Below are just a few examples. Before Dirty Dancing. TheContinue reading “They went on to do bigger things.”

Nazis and cinema

Ever since its inception , the media of  film has been a perfect tool to inform the masses be it in an entertaining way or in a more sinister manner. It was and still is the perfect way to distribute propaganda material en mass, although in more recent  years social media has taken over thatContinue reading “Nazis and cinema”

Movie sequels that never should have been made.

I am not going to say that every movie sequel is bad, because there are some good ones out there. However in general most sequels are really money making vehicles especially when they are following a very successful movie. I could easily fill this page with hundreds of bad sequels but I am limiting itContinue reading “Movie sequels that never should have been made.”

The humour of Laurel and Hardy

Today is the 53 rd anniversary of the passing away of Stan Laurel, time to look back at some of the wonderful and funny moments he and his ‘Partner in Crime’ delivered for our entertainment. The power of the humour of Laurel and Hardy is that it did not date, it is still as freshContinue reading “The humour of Laurel and Hardy”