Who is an immigrant?

The buzzword nowadays is “immigrants” and in hardly any context it is used in a positive way.Here is the thing though, who is an immigrant? This is just a micro snapshot in history. It is basically a background to me family well at least from my Mother’s side. The picture at the start of theContinue reading “Who is an immigrant?”

Staatsmijn Maurits-Dutch State Coalmine

I can never understand people who are ashamed or embarrassed of where they are from or where they were born. You should always be proud of your roots. Even if you live somewhere else you should never lose your pride of your birth place. It is perfectly possible to be proud of the place youContinue reading “Staatsmijn Maurits-Dutch State Coalmine”

The Fall of Lange Jan

Lange Jan(Long John) was the name of the 135 meter(442ft) tall chimney of the former coal mine “Oranje Nassau 1” in Heerlen in  the province of Limburg in the south east of the Netherlands. It had been erected in 1937/1938 and had been dominating Heerlen’s skyline. To put it in perspective the Big Ben towerContinue reading “The Fall of Lange Jan”