The gradual dehumanizing by the Nazi regime.

The Holocaust was a gradual process. The Nazis didn’t start mass extermination when they got into power. But gradually prepared the population by dehumanizing the Jewish people. Segregation, as shown in the photo above, was part of this. The point was not to provide a bench for Jews, it was to segregate the benches soContinue reading “The gradual dehumanizing by the Nazi regime.”

August Hirt’s Jewish skeleton collection

+++++CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES+++++ Science is very important hence scientists are very important, but unchecked and uncontrolled they can become masters of evil. If there is one thing that WWII as taught us that would be it. August Hirt (April 28, 1898 – June 2, 1945) was an anatomist with Swiss and German nationality whoContinue reading “August Hirt’s Jewish skeleton collection”