The Shamefvll ende of Bishop John Atherton.

The Shamefvll ende of Bishop John Atherton. or in modern day English, the shameful end of Bishop John Atherton is probably a good example of”Be careful what you wish for because you may just get it” John Atherton  was the Anglican Bishop of Waterford and Lismore in the Church of Ireland. But prior to thatContinue reading “The Shamefvll ende of Bishop John Atherton.”

The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.

This story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Heartbreaking because it is a story about a mother who knew she was going to die. Uplifting because her last words were so positive and courageous, despite the fate that awaited her. Olga Bancic was born on May 10, 1912 to a large Jewish family living in theContinue reading “The brave words from a Mother to her Daughter.”

The brutal execution of Robert-François Damiens.

Regicide is the deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for the killing of a person of royalty. Through the ages there have been a great number of regicides, the last one happened this century. In June 1,2001 the Nepalese Royal Family was allegedly massacred by Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal. However this blogContinue reading “The brutal execution of Robert-François Damiens.”

Execution was not enough

Many opponents of the Nazi regime found their untimely death in Plotzensee prison. Those executed were German resistance fighter, but also Polish and French forced laborers, and many others. A great number were executed by guillotine but on September 3 the guillotine was damaged beyond repair after an RAF raid. From then one the methods of executionsContinue reading “Execution was not enough”

Judenfrei-Free of Jews: At least 2 executions a man per day.

I am always amazed by the fact that there are still people who desperately want to deny the Holocaust. Although there is so much evident and a lot of it very graphic, they still say it never happened and that the photographic evidence are staged pictures, produced by the allies. The one thing they doContinue reading “Judenfrei-Free of Jews: At least 2 executions a man per day.”

The executions of the German invaders.

Operation Pastorius will mean not much too most people. It is one of those forgotten WWII operations. Forgotten because it was a complete failure. Shortly after midnight on the morning of June 13, 1942, four men landed on a beach near Amagansett, Long Island, New York from a German submarine, clad in German uniforms andContinue reading “The executions of the German invaders.”

The few times when justice was served.

So many involved in the Nazi atrocities did get off so lightly or escaped punishment altogether. How the judges in the war crimes trials came to some of the sentences or lack thereof has always been a puzzle to me. Additionally there were also many how fled to countries where they knew they would faceContinue reading “The few times when justice was served.”

Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.

It would be absurd to say that every German soldier was bad. There were some who saw what was happening and protested against it and paid the ultimate price for it. Michael Kitzelmann had been a loyal soldier of the Wehrmacht. He was company commander at the age of  24,  and was awarded the IronContinue reading “Michael Kitzelmann, his conscience got the better of him.”

The assassination of a British Prime Minister.

British politics is probably the most intriguing politics in the world. With all its traditions and even the sometimes humorous debates in the house of commons are often fascinating. However what many people don’t know that in 1812 on the 11th of May the only ever assassination of a British Prime minister took place.  Continue reading “The assassination of a British Prime Minister.”

Pádraig Pearse’s letter to his Mother.

Born in Dublin on Great Brunswick Street (now Pearse Street), he was educated by the Christian Brothers at Westland Row, before taking a scholarship to the Royal University (University College Dublin) to study law. He was one of only 30 people to know that the Rising would take place in the days building up toContinue reading “Pádraig Pearse’s letter to his Mother.”