How the 1953 North Sea flood resulted in a professional football league.

On the night of 31 January – 1 February 1953, many dykes in the province of Zeeland, the southern parts of the province of South Holland and the northwestern parts of the province of North Brabant ,in the Netherlands,proved unable to resist the combination of spring tide and a northwesterly storm. It was to becomeContinue reading “How the 1953 North Sea flood resulted in a professional football league.”

St Elizabeth’s flood 1421

The Dutch have always been in constant war with the sea. Most people know about the 1953 flood but there have been floods throughout the centuries with higher casualties. I specified the year in the title because today is the 597th of the St Elizabeth’s flood, but technically this is the 2nd flood with thatContinue reading “St Elizabeth’s flood 1421”

The London beer flood October 1814

No this is not a Carlsberg ad.”Carlsberg don’t do floods but if they did” On Monday 17th October 1814, a terrible disaster claimed the lives of at least 8 people in St Giles, London. A bizarre industrial accident resulted in the release of a beer tsunami onto the streets around Tottenham Court Road. The HorseContinue reading “The London beer flood October 1814”