Let the celebrations begin

Although most of Europe was liberated in September 1944 but the war was still raging in the pacific. The severe winter of 1944 in Europe also threw a spanner in the celebrations, since some parts were still occupied by the Germans. It was only on VE Day in May and Japan’s surrender in August ofContinue reading “Let the celebrations begin”


  On 7 and 8 May 1945, riots broke out after poorly coordinated Victory in Europe celebrations fell apart in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Several thousand servicemen (predominantly naval), merchant seamen and civilians drank, vandalized and looted. Word of Germany’s surrender in World War II was met by celebrations across Canada, but in Halifax,Continue reading “THE HALIFAX VE-DAY RIOTS”

VE Day-Victory in Europe

Today marks the 74th anniversary of VE Day, Victory in Europe day. Of course if there is victory there is generally also someone who loses. It can be debated if Germany and its allies lost the war, because I think the majority of their citizens were also victims of the Fascist regime. Many people inContinue reading “VE Day-Victory in Europe”