When Himmler met the World Jewish Congress.

I don’t know what to think of this story. It is either bizarre or amazing, but probably a bit of both.It is a great indication how truly delusional Himmler was. In spring 1945 Himmler had already seen the light in relation to the progression of the war. It was clear to him Germany would loseContinue reading “When Himmler met the World Jewish Congress.”

Himmler’s perception of being decent.

On December 12th 1941, one day after Hitler had declared war to the USA, Hitler called a meeting in the Reich Chancellery. Nearly all important party leaders were present to hear Hitler declare the annihilation of the Jewish race, This meeting was held just over a month before the Wannsee conference.However the December 12 meetingContinue reading “Himmler’s perception of being decent.”

Himmler’s speech- a warped ideology

++++++CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES+++++++ Heinrich Himmler, in charge of implementing the Nazi’s “Final Solution to the Jewish Question,” gave an infamous speech to one hundred SS men on October 4, 1943 (in a Polish town called Posen). As direct as anyone could possibly be on the issue, Himmler defined “evacuation” as “Ausrottung.” That word, in English, meansContinue reading “Himmler’s speech- a warped ideology”