“Dear all, I have to tell you the worst – today I and my friends got the death sentence”

Hitler expected very little resistance from the Dutch because he saw them as kindred spirits and fellow aryans. When he decided to invade the Netherlands he expected a similar reception as he got in Austria, but he was wrong. Although the invasion only took 3 days the Germans suffered heavy losses. As in the otherContinue reading ““Dear all, I have to tell you the worst – today I and my friends got the death sentence””

Dunes of Death

Waalsdorpervlakte, in the dunes by the Dutch seaside village of Scheveningen, was one of the most notorious spots during the Second World War in the Netherlands. On this desolate sand plain more than 250 people were killed by the Germans. Most were members of the Dutch Resistance who risked their lives in the struggle againstContinue reading “Dunes of Death”

WWII ‘Selfies’ of a member of the Dutch resistance.

After the February Strike of 1941, in Amsterdam,the sculptor and draftsman Cor van Teeseling joined a Resistance group that printed and distributed the illegal Communist newspaper De Waarheid (Lit. The Truth). Six months later, the Germans arrested him. On 10 November 1941, the death sentence was pronounced against him. While awaiting execution Van Teeseling wasContinue reading “WWII ‘Selfies’ of a member of the Dutch resistance.”

The kidnapping of Dr Herrema by the IRA

On October 3rd, 1975, Dr Tiede Herrema was driving from his home in Castletroy, Co Limerick, to an early-morning meeting at the Ferenka steel plant at Annacotty, when he was abducted by two republicans, Marion Coyle and Eddie Gallagher.   Herrema, , had been dispatched by the parent company in his native Netherlands to troubleshootContinue reading “The kidnapping of Dr Herrema by the IRA”