Consulting the stars in the Third Reich.

Cherry-picking is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as- to choose only the best or most suitable from a group of people or things. For example: Policymakers will cherry-pick ideas from the study, and commit to implementing only the easiest and cheapest ones. In other words they pick what suits them best. The Nazis were veryContinue reading “Consulting the stars in the Third Reich.”

How crazy were the Nazi’s? -Nazi’s and the occult part 2

Hitler and the Nazi leadership’s had an obsession with magic and the occult,supernatural beliefs and practices penetrated the highest circles of the Nazi machine. Propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was an avid reader of Nostradamus and was delighted to be able to tell Hitler, having read some of the Frenchman’s prophecies, that the British were onContinue reading “How crazy were the Nazi’s? -Nazi’s and the occult part 2”

How crazy were the Nazis?-Nazis and the Occult.

Heinrich Himmler must have been without a shadow of a doubt one of the craziest of the Nazis. He had a bizarre fascination for the occult. Karl Maria Wiligut had been one of Himmler’s closest influancers relating to the occult of the Aryan and Germanic race. Karl Maria Wiligut (alias Weisthor, Jarl Widar, Lobesam) (10Continue reading “How crazy were the Nazis?-Nazis and the Occult.”