Not Just a Guide-Dog

Not just a guide dog
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Not just a guide dog is the story of the Johnsons who lived an ordinary suburban life Frank and his wife Marie and their 3 kids, Luke, David and Claire didn’t have any real worries. They weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination but they were comfortable enough.
Alas disaster struck, due to a degenerative eye disease Frank lost most of his sight. With the help of a guide dog called Faust and his family he was able to make most of his life.
The life of everyone on the planet got changed by the outbreak of a virus which turned human beings into living dead or soulless cannibals. This was exploited by Isis who had turned it from a local epidemic to a global pandemic.
The only safe places were the regions near the arctic and Antarctic Circle. But harsh choices had to be made. Leaving anyone with a disability behind. This resulted in Frank and Faust being separated from the family. With the help of his loyal guide dog Faust and some kindred spirits he meets on the way , Frank goes on a quest to re-unite with his family, fighting his blindness, ravenous ‘undead’ and self-proclaimed leaders of men.

One of the songs referenced in my book.