My Wonder Child.

There is a beautiful Irish song written and composed by Jimmy Mccarthy, it is called “My Wonder Child”. This is just part of the song text. “This child he means the world to me There is no more enchanted A child can take this place of ruin And magically enhance it” This really applies toContinue reading “My Wonder Child.”

All I feel now is pain

At first I felt joy because who could not be joyful seeing those 2 beautiful smiley faces. Then I am amazed because I see you two have the same birthday, April 4, 1932. This is followed by bewilderment because you appear to have different last names. Milan Herrmann and Dagmar Herrmannová. But after a bitContinue reading “All I feel now is pain”

Nine executions-International students day.

On  October ,28 1939, students from the  Charles University in Prague held a demonstration to remember the 21st anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The demonstration was violently suppressed  by the occupying Nazi regime more then a dozen  students were seriously injured, one of the students  Jan Opletal later died of hisContinue reading “Nine executions-International students day.”