So much death.

I was doing research on Elisabeth Casseres a 13 year old girl who was murdered in Auschwitz on September 28,1942. But when I clicked on a link of her death notification it opened up a notification of the Dutch Ministry of Justice which was issued on July 20,1950. The Motification was published in the “NederlandscheContinue reading “So much death.”

It’s their birthday today, but they were murdered before the age of 6.

I was going to do a piece on Nora Italiaander. She would have celebrated her 80th birthday today, but she was murdered on June 4,1943 in Sobibor. She was just aged 2. The picture above is of her death notification issued on the 11th of June 1947, 4 years after her death. But like NoraContinue reading “It’s their birthday today, but they were murdered before the age of 6.”

Clara de Vries-Jazz Musician murdered in Auschwitz.

It is funny sometimes how you are researching one thing and it leads you to something completely different.I was looking at the origin of a Dutch TV show called ‘Ter land.ter zee en in de lucht” which translates to on the land, in the sea and in the air. It was a light-hearted entertainment showContinue reading “Clara de Vries-Jazz Musician murdered in Auschwitz.”

MV Kerlogue-The Neutral ship that got attacked by the Allies and the Germans and survived.

Originally posted on History of Sorts:
The MV Kerloguehas become the exemplar of neutral Irish ships during World War II. She was very small. She was attacked by both sides and rescued people from both sides. She was almost sunk by a German mine and was attacked by the Royal Air Force, being left for dead.…

Happy 131st birthday Nintendo

Today I will finally show off my gaming knowledge and leave you all in awe and amazement! Ah no, in fact I am clueless when it comes to gaming. I never got into the whole video/computer games universe, Yet the title is Nintendo, the name of one of the biggest gaming publishers. A lot ofContinue reading “Happy 131st birthday Nintendo”