The Other Hitlers

I will only be highlighting 2 other Hitlers .Alois Hitler Sr ,Father of Adolf and Heinrich (Heinz) Hitler ,nephew of Adolf.

The name Hitler should actually never have existed. Alois Hitler, Sr. (born Alois Schicklgruber; 7 June 1837 – 3 January 1903)

Born 7 June 1837, Alois Schicklgruber was the son of a 42-year-old unmarried farmhand by the name of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. The identity of his father remains uncertain: on Alois’s birth certificate the space for the father’s name was left blank and the word illegitimate was scrolled across the certificate.

When he was five-years-old, Alois’s mother married Johann Georg Hiedler. Five years later, following his mother’s death, the 10-year-old Alois went to live with his stepfather’s brother, his uncle, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler.

At the age of 13 he left the farm in Spital and went to Vienna as an apprentice cobbler, working there for about five years. In response to a recruitment drive by the Austrian government offering employment in the civil service to people from rural areas, Alois joined the frontier guards (customs service) of the Austrian Finance Ministry in 1855 at the age of 18.

As a rising young junior customs official, he used his birth name of Schicklgruber, but in mid-1876, 39 years old and well established in his career, he asked permission to use his stepfather’s family name. He appeared before the parish priest in Döllersheim and asserted that his father was Johann Georg Hiedler, who had married his mother and now wished to legitimize him.


Three relatives appeared with him as witnesses, one of whom was Johann Nepomuk, Hiedler’s brother. The priest agreed to amend the birth certificate, the civil authorities automatically processed the church’s decision and Alois Schicklgruber had a new name. The official change, registered at the government office in Mistelbach in 1877 transformed him into “Alois Hitler”. It is not known who decided on the spelling of Hitler instead of Hiedler. Johann Georg’s brother was sometimes known by the surname Hüttler.

Alois Schicklgruber openly admitted having been born out of wedlock before and after the name change. Alois may have been influenced to change his name for the sake of legal expediency. Historian Werner Maser claims that in 1876, Franz Schicklgruber, the administrator of Alois’ mother’s estate, transferred a large sum of money (230 gulden) to him.

Supposedly, Johann Georg Hiedler, who died in 1857, relented on his deathbed and left an inheritance to his illegitimate stepson (Alois) together with his name.Some Schicklgrubers remain in Waldviertel.

He was married 3 times. His first wife in 1873 to Anna Glassl, 14 years his senior. In 1880, Alois and Anna separated and Alois set up home with Fanni, 24 years his junior. But, as a Catholic, Alois was not permitted to divorce. Fanni bore him his first child, Alois Junior, out of wedlock. His wife Anna conveniently died in 1883 and within a month Alois and Fanni were married. A daughter, Angela, was born two months later. But within a year, in August 1884, Fanni had died of a lung disorder, aged only 23.

Almost immediately, following his second wife’s death, Alois made his 16-year-old household servant, Klara Pölzl, pregnant. Klara was also his cousin (once removed), and Alois had to apply to the church for permission to marry his pregnant relation, 23 years his junior.

With the necessary permission, Alois Hitler married Klara, his third wife, in January 1885. Four months later, their first child, Gustav, was born and Ida, a second child, a year later. In 1887, Klara gave birth to Otto but the child lived for only three days. Further tragedy was soon to follow with the deaths of both Gustav and Ida within weeks of each other.

Six months after the death of her third child, Klara was pregnant again. Although sickly, this child, born Easter Saturday, 20 April 1889, lived. They named him Adolf.


On the morning of 3 January 1903, Hitler went to the Gasthaus Wiesinger (No.1 Michaelsbergstrasse, Leonding) as usual to drink his morning glass of wine. He was offered the newspaper and promptly collapsed. He was taken to an adjoining room and a doctor was summoned, but Alois Hitler died at the inn, probably from a pleural hemorrhage. Adolf Hitler, who was 13 when his father died, says in Mein Kampf that he died of a “stroke of apoplexy”.

Heinrich Hitler (nickname Heinz; 14 March 1920 – 21 February 1942) was the son of Alois Hitler, Jr. and his second wife Hedwig Heidemann and the nephew of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

When World War II started he joined the Wehrmacht and served on the eastern front, where he was captured and died in prison in 1942.

Unlike his half-brother William Patrick Hitler, whom Adolf reportedly called “my loathsome nephew”.

MoS2 Template Master

Heinz was a strong Nazi and his uncle’s favorite. He attended an elite Nazi military academy, the National Political Institutes of Education (Napola) in Ballenstedt/Saxony-Anhal. Aspiring to be an officer, Heinz joined the Wehrmacht as a signals NCO with the 23rd Potsdamer Artillery Regiment in 1941, and he participated in the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa. On January 10, 1942, he was sent to recover communications equipment from a forward position. This was one of the things that worried Adolf Hitler, who did not want his nephew to serve on the front line because of the risk of death. Heinz never returned. He was sent to retrieve radio equipment from near the front lines where he was captured by the Soviet Union January 10. He was sent to VIP Russian prison camp Butyrka where he was tortured to death.

On 10 January 1942, he was ordered to collect radio equipment from an army post. He was captured by Soviet forces and was tortured to death at the Butyrka military prison in Moscow, aged 21.

Former classmate Hans-Wolf Werner describes how he benefitted from his family connection with Adolf Hitler:

“One of the lads had a car. They tore through Magdeburg without a license. The police stopped them and he showed his ID “Heinz Hitler” [and] the police just saluted and let them drive on (laughs).”

Isn’t it funny that a name which really only came about by a clerical error did become synonymous with the most evil ever committed.


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