WWII-The Hardware


World War II saw rapid technological innovation in response to the needs of the various combatants. Many different weapons systems evolved as a result, but also data processing equipment. Machines such as this US Navy ‘Bombe’ (picture above)were used to assist cryptologists in deciphering German Enigma-machine encrypted secret messages during World War II. 1945.

Following are just some examples of weapons used during WWII on land, air and sea.

An American M4A2 carrying a Japanese Type 94 light-tank on its back, Namur, 1944.


Unfinished German Type XXI U-Boats at the AG Weser shipyard in Bremen, Germany, 1945.


A German tank factory. 1940.

Tank_factories_of_WW2 (3)

A British tank is pulled by a train from a Midlands factory bound for the Eastern Front to aid the Soviet Union. 1941.Tank_factories_of_WW2 (12)

Two lend-lease Bell P-63 “Kingcobra” aircraft flying over the Niagara falls. Note the Soviet stars on the fuselage of the airplanes. These planes are most likely being moved to be shipped off to join the fight in the European theater against the Nazi war machine. 1943.


Natives admiring an American Air Force F4-U “Corsair” somewhere in the Pacific. 1943


A V-2 rocket ready for launching at Cuxhaven in Lower Saxony. 1945.


Luftwaffe pilots playing cards during the African campaign, 1942. The plane in the background is a Me-109.


152 mm howitzer battery fires during Operation Bagration, 1944

Stand to Death, 152 mm howitzer battery fires during Operation Bagration, 1944

3rd Squadron Hell’s Angels, Flying Tigers over China, photographed in 1942 by AVG pilot Robert T. Smith

The Flying Tigers over China, 1942

One of the heaviest WW2 tanks ever created, the Tiger II. It weighed ~68.5 tonnes and had 100-180mm armour on the front. Budapest, Hungary, 1944.

Budapest, Panzer VI (Königstiger)

USS New Jersey (BB-62) during World War II with French battleship Richelieu



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Historical Pictures


  1. Old Jules says:

    A photographic collection comparing the light infantry weapons of the various forces would be interesting, including the bayonets …… maybe rifles, up to light machine guns ….. some of that weaponry had a truly strange look about it


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