All that is left is a plaque saying”Lived here”.

History of Sorts


In a number of European cities they are remembering victims of the Holocaust by placing plaques in the streets where they used to live, These plaques are sometimes referred to as ‘Stumbling stones’ for the obvious reason that people might just make a small stumble, and that is the purpose to draw the attention to the plaques.They indicate the date of birth and death, and where they died

Maastricht is one of those cities, over 300 people were deported from Maastricht to various camps, below are a few of those plaques. The plaque at the start of the blog is of  Albert Drielsma born November 11 1907-Murdered in Auschwitz 30 March 1944, and Sibilia Drielsma-Goldstein Born 9 February 1906 murdered  in Auschwitz 19 November 1943, I presume Sibilia was Albert’s wife.


Irma Hertog-Sternborn 12 September 1909 ,murdered in Auschwitz 31 August 1942.


Herman Hertog born 18 november 1907, murdered  in Gross Rosen…

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