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History of Sorts


I am Sergio de Simone  7 yr. old Jewish Italian boy killed at the Bullenhauser Damm School on April 20 1945, the birthday of the Führer. I am one of 20.

I am one of 20 who had been used for medical experiments

20 killed on day 20 of 1945.

20 killed 10 days before the Führer killed himself.

We were killed as were our care takers just a few days before the war ended.

We were killed even though it was clear they had lost the war and as an act of compassion they could have let us live, but they chose not to.

20 killed, 20 totally innocent lives.

I am one of 20 ,20 Jewish children, ten boys and ten girls, had been brought from Auschwitz to the concentration camp of Neuengamme, just outside Hamburg.

First they made us ill and then they killed us.

I am one…

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