The D-IX Experiment- Creating Super Wehrmacht soldiers.

History of Sorts


There are a lot of conspiracy theories in relation to the Nazi’s using alien technologies. Allegedly a UFO crashed in the Black Forest in 1936 and the Nazi’s reversed engineered its technology to then apply to their own war machinery. Even though I am sceptical about this I try to keep an open mind on this especially when you look at some of the weapons they produced at the later stages of the war.

The V1,V2 and theHorten Ho 229(although this didn’t see any action) all used technologies way ahead of it’s time.

Not all of the Nazi’s more innovative inventions can be attributed to ‘alien’ technology .Besides the advanced weaponry they also managed to invent a ‘chocolate bar bomb’It was made of steel with a thin covering of real chocolate and was detonated when a piece of “chocolate” at the end was broken off after a delay of 7…

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