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Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. She is the daughter of Zeus and was birthed from him as a full-grown woman. Her symbols include olives and owls.

Like her sister Artemis, Athena is an independent goddess who does not marry or have children. Instead, she is focused on many other conquests. She brings protection and revelations.

Birth of Athena

Athena is the daughter of Zeus. Some say she did not have a mother at all. In an alternative telling, she is daughter of Metis, who Zeus swallowed while pregnant with Athena. This could have been because Zeus feared that Metis would give with to a son who would grow up to overthrow him.

Zeus had been complaining of a painful headache that was growing worse with time. His son, Hephaestus, wanted to help him out and proposed taking an axe to his…

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