ROCKTOBER Episode 1: Worn Down Piano.

I watched a documentary last night on BBC 4, titled “How pop song works”. Apparently the perfect time for a pop song is 3 minutes. That is probably why I am not the biggest fan of pop music, although I have to admit I liked all the ones they mentioned in the documentary.

I tend to love songs that go on a bit, If it is less then 5 minutes, it is not worth listening to in my opinion. However I do contradict myself sometimes.

Worn Down Piano by the American band ‘The Mark & Clark Band’ is more then 8 minutes long, but at no stage does it get boring.

The song (duration 8:10) is about a piano that is being bid for at an auction. It starts in 6/8 time and changes to 4/4 time at the beginning of the piano solo.

The song reached sixth place in the Dutch Top 40.Since 2000, “Worn Down Piano” has consistently been in the Top 2000, a popular Dutch year-end list, peaking at number 59 in the 2002 edition.

Without further ado


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