The Murder of Samuel Juda Vredenburg

History of Sorts

It is an old Dutch tradition that you send a little card to friends and neighbours, to announce the birth of a baby. As did Izak Vredenburg and Ganna Vredenburg-Hirsch. They must have been delighted to announce the birth of their baby boy Samuel Juda Vredenburg. He was born in Amsterdam, on 24 July 1942.

Poor little Samuel didn’t even get to celebrate his first birthday. He was murdered on June 14,1943 in Westerbork. He would not even be 80 yet today.

Although Westerbork was a transit camp,which meant that most would only stay a short term before transported to other camps, predominatly Auschwitz and Sobibor. There were still at least 772 people who died or rather were murdered in Westerbork.

None of Samuel’s family survived.

Raphael Salomon Vredenburg, born in Amsterdam, 11 June 1941.Murdered in Sobibor, on23 July 1943.Reached the age of 2.

Jacob Menachem Vredenburg, born in Amsterdam…

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