Elfriede Huth-Ignorant and Evil.

History of Sorts

If you look for the name Elfried Huth, you probably won’t find anything. Her story is both amazing and appalling. It is also the most bizarre and disturbing love story you will have ever read.

Elfriede was born on July,14 1922, in Leipzig. 22 years later, being still quite young, she joined the ranks of the SS. Until the end of the war, Elfriede served in Ravensbrück Concentration camp.

From June 1944 until April 1945 she was handling an SS-trained guard dog. She claimed that she did not use her dog as a weapon against prisoners, and that she did not join the Nazi party. However, other information contradicts this: “One prisoner reported that women were even worse than men in commanding their dogs to brutally attack inmates”

Elfriede somehow managed to avoid the Nuremberg trials. She left Germany for the United States and was admitted as an immigrant on…

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