The experiments of Horst Schumann.

I have to warn you up front, this is not an easy read. I will try to stick to the facts and keep my emotions out of it, regardless on how difficult that will be. And I will keep it only to the experiments and the post war situation for Horst Schumann. Horst Schumann  wasContinue reading “The experiments of Horst Schumann.”

The evil of Mengele.

I could fill this blog with pictures of the experiments Joseph Mengele conducted in Auschwitz, but I think most of the readers would not be able to stomach the images. I know I can’t ,therefore I am just going to quote some eye witness reports to illustrate how truly evil this man was. He hadContinue reading “The evil of Mengele.”

Saving life by taking life.

This is a blog I had wanted to do for a long time but was reluctant to actually start it. I was afraid it would be used out of context by both pro life and pro choice advocates. However  this blog is really about desperation and inhumane sacrifices. I would therefore urge every one  notContinue reading “Saving life by taking life.”

Why do we still blindly trust what scientists say?

Although this blog is set for the WWII and Holocaust narrative, it does tie in with scientific reports produced recently which do not necessarily tie in with that narrative. However it is important to highlight them to illustrate how we trust scientists without questioning them. Let me say upfront, although people have accused me beforeContinue reading “Why do we still blindly trust what scientists say?”

Dr.Robert Ritter and Eva Justin

One lesson that many people haven’t learned from the Nazi era is that scientist don’t always have the best interest of humanity at heart. They often are driven by their own curiosity rather then what’s best for their fellow man. Yet people often follow their advise blindly, without questioning motives or who funds the researchContinue reading “Dr.Robert Ritter and Eva Justin”

Sigmund Rascher’s end

Sigmund Rascher was without a shadow if a doubt one of the most evil men of the Nazi regime. He was an SS Doctor in service of the Luftwaffe and was one of Himmler’s favourites. Rascher’s wife the actress ,Karoline “Nini” Diehl, was a friend of Himmler, rumours had it that she was Himmler’s mistressContinue reading “Sigmund Rascher’s end”

Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.”

One of the more disturbing aspects of the Holocaust is that so many perpetrators got way with murder, even after admitting to it. Kurt Heissmeyer was a SS physician and the nephew of the senior SS officer August Heissmeyer. In order for Kurt to receive a professorship he requires to present original research. Even though  previouslyContinue reading “Kurt Heissmeyer-“For me there was no basic difference between human beings and guinea pigs.””

Karl Gebhardt torturing to prove a point.

When Reinhard Heydrich was severely injured after the assassination attempt on him,Operation Anthropoid, Himmler ordered his personal physician,Karl Gebhardt, to attend to Heydrich’s injuries. Initially the recovery appeared to go well. Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, suggested the use of sulfonamides ,which was a new antibacterial drug,, but Gebhardt, assuming that  Heydrich would recover, declinedContinue reading “Karl Gebhardt torturing to prove a point.”

The Sea water experiments-Evil Science.

In 1798 the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was published by he English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The most famous line of the poem is “Water, water, every where,Nor any drop to drink.” There are several theories in relation to the inspiration of the poem but the above mentioned line refers to theContinue reading “The Sea water experiments-Evil Science.”

The era of hypocrisy-The post WWII era

One thing that has always baffled me was the blatant double standards applied at the end and the era just after WWII. On one hand you had scientists like Alan Turing, whose work on the enigma code shortened the war by 2 years, and potentially saved millions of lives, but because of his homosexuality wasContinue reading “The era of hypocrisy-The post WWII era”