Killing for Fun

Group portrait of T-4 Euthanasia program personnel at a social gathering

I do apologize for the title but to be honest I think it was the most suitable description. Despite all the murders they committed the staff ,both senior and junior, of the euthanasia centres ,SS and concentration camps still had a good time,having fun and being entertained.

The picture above is a group portrait of T-4 Euthanasia program personnel at a social gathering.

SS female auxiliaries from concentration camps take a break at a special resort for hard-working extermination personnel. In this photo, the girls are making mock faces supposedly expressing their disappointment of not having another serving of sweets.


A group of concentration camp “administrators” pose for the photographer.


Female guards in Auschwitz Concentration Camp – Poland


Prison staff at Colditz


The Waffen-SS Music School was established in Braun­schweig on 1 July 1941 with the assistance of the SS Officer’s School in the same town. There were 60 students in the first training class and the first school director was Hstuf. Edgar Siedentopf. Most of the individual training group instructors were drawn from the NCOs attached to the band of SS Rgt. „Germania“/Division „Wiking.“ The students would frequently receive instru­mental training from members of the Braunschweig City-Theatre Orchestra, but at all times their activities were supervised either by the school commander or an SS instructor.




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