Jewish Prisoner 2731. Auschwitz-1942.


2731 was the inmate number given to this girl. Nothing else is known about her, except that it is very unlikely that she  survived.

My heart broke when I saw this picture. A life wiped out only a picture that remains. Not a picture of a young girl dressed in a gown. Or a picture of a young girl having fun. No name, only a number.

Dear young lady, I am a father of another young lady. You may not have a known name but I will designate a name for you. It is not a usual name, more a pledge, but you can use it. I call you My Prayer, for henceforth you will be in my prayers, until I take my last breath.


2 Lives- One full of promise- One stolen life.

7 Days a week I’ll remember you.

3 Reasons to remember you. Your life;Your life disrupted, Your death.

1 Beautiful human being .


  1. Stan Kreis says:

    Hear, hear!


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