When Himmler met the World Jewish Congress.


I don’t know what to think of this story. It is either bizarre or amazing, but probably a bit of both.It is a great indication how truly delusional Himmler was.

In spring 1945 Himmler had already seen the light in relation to the progression of the war. It was clear to him Germany would lose and his life would not be safe. He therefore approached the allies to see if he could make a deal with them. He basically wanted to be appointed as the head of Germany after the war.

Himmler met Hitler for the last time on 20 April 1945. at Hitlers’s 56th birthday party, although the Soviets were shelling Berlin, they were still having a birthday party. where Himmler swore unswerving loyalty to Hitler. At a military briefing on that day, Hitler stated that he would not leave Berlin, in spite of Soviet advances. Himmler left Berlin shortly after the briefing.

In the early hours of  April 21, With the help of  Heinrich Himmler’s osteopath, Felix Kersten, the Swedish section of the WJC arranged a secret meeting between Norbert Masur, a German Jew who had emigrated to Stockholm, Walter Schellenberg and Himmler about 70 kilometres north of Berlin.

I don’t know what I would have done if I would have been in Masur’s shoes. I more then likely would have attacked Himmler.


Masur issued a report of more then 60 pages about the meeting. Below is one excerpt of it.

“I tried very carefully to get him away from the unfortunate thought to defend his policies against the Jews in front of a Jew, because such an attempt would force him to add lie upon lie to his argument. But it was impossible to do so. It seemed that he had the need to express his defense to a Jew, as he probably felt that the days of his life, or at least the days of his freedom were numbered. And Himmler continued: ‘In order to stop the epidemics we were forced to cremate the bodies of the many people who died of the diseases. That was the reason we had to build the crematoria, and now, because of this, everyone wants to tighten the noose around our neck.’This was the most convulsing try by Himmler to cover up his deeds. I loathed this explanation of the crematoria to such an extent that I could only remain silent.”

As a result of Masur’s meeting, Himmler allowed around 7000 women to leave the Ravensbruck concentration camp with the Swedish Red Cross.


Himmler probably thought that would absolve him from any wrong doing. Just over a month later on May 23rd ,1945, Himmler killed himself, if you ask my opinion I believe that day should be an international holiday.

What amazes me most about this is that so little is ever made of this meeting in the history annuls of WWII.


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  1. I am curious to know who set up this meeting, is there any documentation other than the JC? I will be reading this in its entirety, great post but I like to play devils advocate and say that I think we as historians should remember that we were are taught through propaganda (that dirty little word) written by the victor, choreographed for the public, I know what the party intended since Hitler said it in Mein Kampf, i have read the transcripts from the Wannassee conference, they talk about the extermination, I have seen the evidence of the Holocaust. For goodness sake the Protestant Church created the Institute for the Eradication and Study of the Jewish Infuence on German Church Life, Walter Grundmann rewrote the old and new testament to erase the Jewish influence, there is no denying the events and culpability of many. That being said, I still think there are aspects that were honed in on, over dramatized and recreated in order to Denazify the people. And those events today have become truth readily accepted. Yes Nazis bad…racism alone is bad without adding genocide, but I would be interested to see if any of the “arguments” given by leaders at the time have any credibility? Like the fact that there was no lampshade of Jewish skin, during the trial of the Bitch of Buchenwald it was proven the tattooed skinned lamp shades were made of goat skin, yet this story of the Jewish skin lamp shade still gets told, omitting the court findings. She was still a Bitch, excuse the language but she was.
    Thank you for the post, keep it up


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