The brave face of WWII

History of Sorts


Despite all the death and the destruction during WWII and the uncertainty of what the future would hold, so many people were still putting up a brave face and continued their daily lives as best as they could.Or defy the enemy even after being captured.

The picture above was taken after a German bombing raid during the London Blitz, a British woman remains consummately British. She is seen here drinking tea on a pile of rubble. The photo was taken in 1940.

Two American soldiers having a moment of levity during WWII. It’s an odd, but humorous picture.They could still crack jokes


Coca-Cola was popular in America before World War II broke out.

This bottling plant was built in Saipan to supply American troops with Coke in the Pacific theatre.


Heinrich Himmler looks at a young Soviet prisoner of war during an official visit to Shirokaya Street Concentration Camp in…

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