Heinrich Himmler’s suicide-at the end he was nothing but a coward

History of Sorts

LandscapeIn 1945 disillusioned Himmler believed victory had slipped from Germany’s grasp and secretly attempted to start peace negotiations with Eisenhower in a bid to escape a war crimes trial. But Eisenhower refused to have anything to do with Himmler. A furious Hitler declared Himmler a traitor, stripped him of his powers and expelled him from the Nazi Party.

Bild 183-R99621

Rejected by his former comrades and hunted by the Allies, Himmler attempted to go into hiding. He disguised himself by shaving off his mustache, wearing an eye patch over his left eye and carrying false identity papers under the name of Sergeant Heinrich Hitzinger. With a small band of companions, he headed south on 11 May to Friedrichskoog, without a final destination in mind. They continued on to Neuhaus, where the group split up. On 21 May, Himmler and two aides were stopped and detained at a checkpoint set up by former…

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  1. Blank Owl TV says:

    This history is crazy, but always fascinating with their mindset. Can’t wrap my head around it.


  2. endean0 says:

    I’m currently reading a book which highlights Himler’s earlier pre and post 1939 negotiations with the British that the Americans knew nothing about. Although I haven’t reached the conclusion, there is a train of thought that the British made it look like suicide as they didn’t want Himler to divulge to the Americans that Britain had been negotiating a separate peace treaty behind their backs.


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