Liberation Day the 5th of May.

On the 5th of May 1945 the whole of the Netherlands was liberated, with the exception of Texel an island in the North West. The southern provinces had already been liberated in September 1944. But because the failed’Operation Market Garden’ the northern provinces remained occupied until the 5th of May.



I am not going to write too much in today’s blog. Just a poem and pictures of the day, since a picture paints a thousand words.

My young friend, you sacrificed your live selflessly for my freedom.

We never met but yet your act of valour has changed my life.

My young friend, I thank you for it is because of you I am here.

Often I ponder why you did what you did so that I can thrive.


From afar you came to deliver us from evil.

And evil you witnessed all around you.

Leaving a safe place just to be thrown into upheaval.

To see death, destruction and chaos to.


You don’t know it but my life you did change.

For if it wasn’t for you I may never have been conceived.

You gave up your life for a land that wasn’t yours but was strange.

Freedom was given by you and by me is thankfully received.


Alas there are those who do not realize the debt we owe to you.

They talk about leaving bygones be bygones and forget those who died.

My young friend not me, never will I forsake the memory of you.

The promise I make to you is that your bravery will be the source of my pride.




A wall of names of those who died while liberating the Netherlands and parts of Belgium. They gave their lives for our Freedom-Vrijheid. I salute you and humbly bow my head.



One thought on “Liberation Day the 5th of May.

  1. May 5, 1945 at 08.00 h. surrender of German troops in NW Europe near Lüneburg including The Netherlands came into effect. In Wageningen 16.30 h. signing of orders on surrender ; implementation of Instrument of Surrender of Lüneburg Heath.


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