4th of May-Remembering the Dead

Every May 4th at 20.00 PM 2 minutes of silence is observed in the Netherlands to remember those who died in WWII and other military conflicts.

In today’s blog I will remember those who died in the province of Limburg  in the South East of the Netherlands and its surrounding areas.Those who fought and died for my liberty and those who became victims of the Holocaust.

Rather then naming all  the thousands of soldiers and victims I will Just post a poem followed by  some of the names picked randomly ,and a brief description of who they were. Nothing fancy, no bells and whistles just a simple dignified remembrance.

sittarf begraafplaats

The Fallen Hero

Thank you soldier for setting my country free.

You did not want to die but yet you gave your life.

It was for strangers you sacrificed yourself, who weren’t even family.

Your ambitions were cut short never again did you see your wife.


Thank you, young man to liberate my land.

Your youth stolen from you by a violent act of hate.

A picture of a young girl you held in your hand

The blood drenched battlefield sealed both your fate


Thank you proud parents for sending us your son.

The pain you feel is something I will never be able to comprehend

But know this your child did not die in vain, his memory will go on

Even if everyone else forgets, I will remember until my end.

Buried in the War Cemetery in Sittard


WO Edward Victor AddisNote: 2734194. Warrant Officer Class II (C.S.M.), Welsh Guards, 1st Bn. Age 26. Son of John William and Martha Addis; husband of Selina Addis of Kenley, Surrey. L. 9.


Sgt Patrick Ahern Note: EX/1251. Royal Marines, No. 45 R.M. Commando. Age 31. Son of John Ahern and of Margaret Ahern (nee Fitzgerald); husband of Margaret Ahern, of Burley, Hampshire. D. 8.

Pvt Wilfred Bell.Note: 4538024. Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment), 6th Bn. D. 20

Guardsman Kenneth Jack Edwards:Welsh Guardsman

Private David D Hendry: Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)

Corporal James J McKENZIE: Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)

Private Kenneth Annan: Note: 1105515. Gunner, Royal Artillery, 107 (The South Notts. Hussars) Medium Regt. Age 33. Husband of Annie K. Annan of Rothesay, Bute. L. 14


Buried in War Cemetery Margraten


Private Howard Byron Wilkison: Service number:6918369,Hometown ,Gibson County,Indiana

Private 1st Class Charles ZAKRZEWSKI: Service number:13125052 ,Hometown Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Private Abram Roy Cohen: Service number:42112987 Hometown Bergen County, New Jersey

Private Sylvan van Aalten(born in Belgium): Service number 42070964 Hometown Queens County, New York

Private 1st Class Antonio Vasquez:Service number 38247207 Hometown Victoria County, Texas

Leonard M Weinstein: Service number 32996631 Hometown Bronx County, New York


The Jewish holocaust victims of Geleen.

You are not different than me.

You eat the same food.

You read the same books.

But yet you are not free.


You are not free because of someone’s idea of you.

You are given a yellow star

You are catalogued and numbered like cattle.

But yet you’re not an animal but a human too.


You are being killed in the vilest of ways.

You are a man, a woman, a child, a parent.

You are erased as if you were never here.

But yet you are remembered on many days.


You are not different to me but you are also not the same.

You are merely a number and a name on a list.

You are not listened to for you have no voice

But I pledge I will shout for you in loud acclaim.

  Last name First name Born Died*
1 Freimark-Adler Hermine 12-12-1876 Urspringen (D) 14-05-1943 Sobibor
2 Baum Max 04-01-1907 Bauchem (D) 31-03-1944 Auschwitz
3 Cohen-Ten Brink Esthella Carolina 05-06-1904 Ootmarsum 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
4 Meyer-Cahn Jeanette (Jetta) 18-12-1859 Leutesdorf (D) 10-05-1943 Westerbork
5 Claessens Albert 19-04-1905 Obbicht 30-04-1943 Midden-Europa
6 Cohen Frieda 11-07-1924 Vaals 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
7 Cohen Henny 30-10-1925 Vaals 26-09-1942 Auschwitz
8 Cohen Josephine 09-07-1930 Geleen 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
9 Cohen Simon 01-05-1889 Midwolda 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
10 Freimark Ernst 12-08-1936 Frankfurt (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
11 Freimark Friedrich 27-10-1902 Marktheidenfeld (D) 30-04-1943 Midden-Europa
12 Freimark Kurt 21-12-1939 Heerlen 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
13 Levy-Goldschmidt Irene 15-02-1907 Rheda (D) 30-11-1943 Auschwitz
14 Goldschmidt Josef 24-10-1867 Rheda (D) 28-05-1943 Sobibor
15 Goldsteen Frederik 09-07-1918 Rheydt (D) 15-08-1942 Auschwitz
16 Levi-Harf Rosalie 27-10-1880 Mönchengladbach (D) 28-05-1943 Sobibor
17 Goldschmidt-Jacob Frieda 19-02-1869 Rheda-Wiedenbrück (D) 07-10-1943 Maastricht**
18 May-Jacobsohn Klara 14-05-1871 Neckarbischofsheim (D) 14-05-1943 Sobibor
19 Meyer-Kaufmann Berta 03-01-1912 Köln (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
20 Kaufmann Margard 10-11-1928 Gronau (D) 03-09-1943 Auschwitz
21 Kaufmann Richard 30-06-1886 Moers (D) 03-09-1943 Auschwitz
22 Heimberg-Klestadt Bertha 28-12-1891 Büren (D) 25-01-1943 Auschwitz***
23 Claessens-Krzanowska Ajga 17-03-1909 Zawiercie (Polen) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
24 Lebenstein Ida 16-05-1888 Ochtrup (D) 28-05-1943 Sobibor
25 Levy Arnold 27-05-1880 Wuppertal-Elberfeld (D) 28-05-1943 Sobibor
26 Levy Hans Erich 22-03-1911 Düsseldorf (D) 31-03-1944 Polen
27 Löwenfels Luise 05-07-1915 Trabelsdorf (D) 30-09-1942 Auschwitz
28 Freimark-May Gertruda 16-02-1902 Niedermendig (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
29 Winter-May Irma Johanna 30-08-1908 Niedermendig (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
30 Goldsteen-Mendel Carolina 06-07-1880 Tetz (D) 22-10-1943 Auschwitz****
31 Meyer Max 23-01-1900 Remagen-Oberwinter (D) 30-04-1943 Midden-Europa
32 Roer Helene 14-09-1921 Zülpich (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
33 Roer Ilse 20-02-1925 Zülpich (D) 31-08-1942 Auschwitz
34 Baum-Salmagne Sophia 12-06-1867 Eilendorf (D) 16-11-1943 Bergen-Belzen
35 Willner Paul Siegfried 05-06-1902 Aachen (D) 30-04-1943 Midden-Europa
36 Winter Gustav 01-11-1897 Korschenbroich (D) 30-04-1943 Midden-Europa
37 Kaufmann-Zilversmit Adele 07-12-1890 Gronau (D) 03-09-1943 Auschwitz



  1. Parker says:

    This will be next week, noon my time. I will take a 2 minute moment of silence for them.


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