I never said that.


The human mind is the most powerful weapon and a collective consciousness can be a very dangerous thing but it fortunately mostly it is harmless and often bizarre.

There are so many examples where something is misquoted and it is picked up en mass.


Star Wars:the Empire Strikes Back


The most famous line from the movie get misquoted all the time “Luke’ I am your Father” Except he never says it. What he does say is “No, I am your Father” Even James Earl Jones remembers “Luke, I am your Father”.

This is actually called the Mandela Effect. It is when groups have the same false memories.The name, coined by Fiona Bloome, came about in 2013 when human rights activist Nelson Mandela died.


Many people from all over the world were confused because they all had the same vivid memory of him dying in prison during the 1980’s. People have even found old textbooks and biographies that state that Nelson Mandela did die in the 80’s. Since then, many other collective false memories have sprung up and shaken up our reality.

Hannibal Lecter never said “Hello, Clarice.”


If you’ve seen The Silence of the Lambs, you know the most famous line is “Hello, Clarice.” The only problem is, that never happened — and when Clarice first meets Hannibal Lecter, he simply says, “Good morning.” That’s it. How is a film’s most well-known line nonexistent? Nobody knows, and it’s eating away at people.

“Play it again, Sam”

The most famous quote from “Casablanca” again except it isn’t.


The script has been subject to a significant amount of misquotation. One of the lines most closely associated with the film—”Play it again, Sam”—is inaccurate.When Ilsa first enters the Café Americain, she spots Sam and asks him to “Play it once, Sam, for old times’ sake.” After he feigns ignorance, she responds, “Play it, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By’.” Later that night, alone with Sam, Rick says, “You played it for her, you can play it for me,” and “If she can stand it, I can! Play it!” Rick’s toast to Ilsa, “Here’s looking at you, kid”,




Missing Lyrics Of “We Are The Champions”


Remember singing this iconic Queen song as a kid anytime you beat anyone at anything? Many recall the lyrics of the song ending with: “We are the champions….of the world!” But if you listen to the song now, it doesn’t end with “of the world.” The song simply ends. While it does seem like something is frustratingly missing from the final chorus, the “of the world” lyrics are included earlier in the song. So the probable explanation here is that people singing the song added the part from one chorus into the end chorus. Still, many people vehemently swear that the lyrics have changed.

Fruit Loops


Fruit loops the beautiful lovely breakfast cereal from Kellogg’s, except it doesn’t exist Some say it was originally “Fruit Loops” and then changed to “Froot Loops,” while others believe it went from “Froot Loops” to “Fruit Loops.” Many people claim this change happened during their childhood, while others say they just noticed it in recent months. Whatever you believe, if you google the cereal or find a box in real life, you’ll see “Froot Loops” printed across the front. Unless, of course, you’re reading this from some other dimension.

There are many more examples but I think you get the drift.


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