Sex Sells-Even in WWII,Part2

++Contains some nudity++++


Fear not, I haven’t turned my site into a porn site, not that there is anything wrong with that, but each to their own and that just isn’t me. But because we live in a PC world and so many people get so easily offended I felt compelled to start this blog with a warning.

If we are to believe science the average men thinks about sex every 7 seconds.

Put that in the  context  of WWII ,with testosterone bouncing left,right and center in men who haven’t seen their girlfriends,wives or any member of the opposite sex in weeks possibly months and longer , the notion of using Sex as a weapon and propaganda is extremely powerful, nt only for men serving but also for young boys who were of an age where they could sign up for the armed forces.

Life Magazine 1942 My Gal Sal Movie Ad Rita Hayworth WWII Pin Up Sexy Red-Head.


Encouraging to but War Bonds



Defense-industry worker Norma Jeane Dougherty, as shot by U.S. Army photographer David Conover for the June 26, 1945, issue of YANK magazine, the weekly news for U.S. military personnel. The photo was colorized for publication, and it is contended by some that this led to modeling and pinup work and, in 1946, a movie contract with 20th Century Fox where, eventually she acquiesced to the screen name Marilyn Monroe, mainly because of the phonic appeal of the “MM” alliteration.


Some good old fashioned Sexism  from the US State department didn’t go astray either.


Aside from the  obvious concerns of losing troops on the battlefields there was also a big fear of troops getting infected by venereal diseases like  Syphilis and Gonorrhea.



A 1940’s US Navy recruitment poster.

in the navy


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