How things will look like in the year 2000.

History of Sorts

Life_in_year_2000 (5)

For many growing up in the 60s to 80s(and even 90s) the year 2000 had a magical ring to it, it was the start of the new millennium and things would be completely different.We would all have flying cars and other cool gadgets.

However people in the late 19th and early century also had their visions of what the year 2000 would look like.

Following are some post cards from German and France from 1898-1901 depicting their visions of Y2K

Movable sidewalks.

Life_in_year_2000 (4)

Whale bus


Weather-controlling machines.

Life_in_year_2000 (6)

School in the year 2000


Tourism at the North Pole.


A typical barber shop in 2000 AD


Flying Rural Postman


Strolling on a lake with the aid of balloons.


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