When 13,745,680 people voted for the Nazis

History of Sorts

31 july

It is easy to forget that the Nazis didn’t take power, they were democratically elected, although they did not shy away from using violence securing the votes.

However despite the bully tactics by the SA, people still had a choice to vote for the NSDAP or for any other party.


The General election of July 31st 1932 resulted in the NSDAP becoming the largest party for the first time in its history in Germany. The total tally was 13,745,680 or 37.27% of the total vote, which was an increase of 19.02% compared to the previous election.


The election campaign did take place under  violent circumstances. The SA had been banned by Heinrich Brüning who had been Chancellor from March 1930 to May 30th 1932. President von Hindemburg had dismissed Brüning and replaced him with Franz von Papen from the .German Centre Party.

Von Papen  lifted the ban on the SA(Paramilitary arm of…

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