When I


When I see a dog I want to play with it

When I see a flower I want to pick it

When I see a crayon I want to draw a picture

When I cross the road I hold my Mother’s hand

When I have a bad dream I call my Father

When I smile, you smile.

When I see a strawberry I want to eat it.

When I am tired I want to sleep

When I am awake I want to play.

When I am 4 I want to go to school

But some people, when they see me, they hate.

When they see me they are disgusted

When they see me they want me dead

In fact that is what they did, they killed me.

I, a three year old was a threat to them.

I died a horrible death in the gas chambers of Treblinka

I am Max Rosenblatt. aged 3.


  1. petco3 says:

    So sad. And I saw Treblinka this past month. Tragic. Thank you for this as always.




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