Death is just a heartbeat away.


The title is a line from a song by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott called “Out in the Fields”. Although the song has nothing to do with the Holocaust, the particular line though I used for the title, was a reality for millions.

Millions who were murdered for no reason but hate and a warped sense of superiority by the perpetrators.

There is no way that we can compare any of the ways used to slaughter these innocent lives. All the manners of execution were unfathomable. Be it the executions of the Einsatzgruppen, or the use of dynamite to experiment more efficient ways of killing or any of the other ways.

One method of extermination  stands out above all others, and that  was the mass killing in the Gas chambers. It was believed for a long time that the victims died quickly , but in fact it could sometimes take up to half an hour before they would die.

It only makes sense that the young and healthy would suffer longest in the Gas chambers.

Aside from the killing their last dignity was taken away from them before they entered the Gas chambers. They were told they were going to be showered and deloused and were ordered to strip naked, not in a private cubicle , but together with everyone else who were about to enter the “Showers”. Even that last bit of privacy and dignity was stolen from them, regardless what age they were.

Millions of last heart beats.

I have to believe though,that after they died they went to a better place. Although I am a reasonably religious man, this sentiment doesn’t have much to do with religion but more with spirituality. I have to believe this because if I knew they didn’t go to a better place, I just could not cope with that and would drive me insane. However that is my feeling on it and I fully appreciate and respect others thinking differently about that.



Source of pictures

Yad Vashem



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