9/11 : 2996 minus 19

9/11 they used to be just 2 numbers until that fateful day in 2001. Ever since then it has become ingrained in the human psyche as one of the days the world changed. Even now ,19 years later it is hard to fathom the events of that day. Even when it happened it was hardContinue reading “9/11 : 2996 minus 19”

The other impact of 9/11

I was struggling to come up with an appropriate title ,this is the best I could come up with. In this blog I am not looking at the obvious impact of that awful day but to the impact it had on the entertainment industry and also how we looked at different aspects of climate change.Continue reading “The other impact of 9/11”

Daniel Pearl-Killed for doing his job.

I don’t get shocked easily but the murder of Daniel Pearl shocked me and had a profound effect on me, why I don’t know, meaning he was not the first one to die by Al-Qaeda terrorists and he wasn’t the last either. But it did touch me. Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002)Continue reading “Daniel Pearl-Killed for doing his job.”

9/10 :the day before-The forgotten date.

September 10,2001. A day like any other, people go about their daily lives, A young mother brings her kid to school. A sister is visiting her brother, an IT manager is on the phone to a help desk in a call centre,discussing data and telephony issues. Not knowing that less then 24 hours later theirContinue reading “9/10 :the day before-The forgotten date.”

The death of Bin Laden

It is hard to believe that it has already been 8 years to the day since Obama Bin Laden was killed. I can’t help but thinking what the Iranian born comedian Omid Djalili said about this.”We spent 10 years looking for Bin Laden. We scoured 27 countries looking for Bin Laden, we spent 2 BillionsContinue reading “The death of Bin Laden”

1993 World Trade Center bombing

On February 26, 1993, terrorists parked a rental van in a garage underneath the World Trade Center’s twin towers and lit the fuses on a massive homemade bomb stuffed inside. Six people died and more than 1,000 were injured in the subsequent explosion, which carved out a crater several stories deep and propelled smoke intoContinue reading “1993 World Trade Center bombing”