9 Candles on my cake.


9 Candles were on my last birthday cake,just one away from double digits .

9 Candles on my cake, one candle for each year.

9 Candles were lit, I could feel the heat of each of them.

9 Candles that punched 9 little holes in my cake.

9 Candles, not enough to light up the room, but plenty enough to light up my face.

9 Candles,nothing special and yet it gave me a sense of magic

9 Candles I had to blow out,my mother told me to make a wish

9 Candles ,their flames extinguished slowly one by one 

They slowly extinguished , very much like the fire in my soul.

I am Ernest Frydman I was born in Paris on May 7th, 1933.

9 Candles I had to blow out, my mother told me to male a wish.

My wish to have a cake with 10 Candles next year did not come though.

I was murdered in August 1942 in Auschwitz.

Do you sleep at night?


Do you sleep at night, knowing what you did to me?

Does your conscience bother you?

Do you have a soul? And if you do how could you do what you did?

Do you have children of your own? Or do you have nieces or nephews?

Would you kill them?

We both know you wouldn’t because they are innocent.

Well so was I , but yet that didn’t stop you.

Were you just carrying out orders?

Or did you enjoy taking my life?

I am Janine Onijas and was killed on August 19,1942 aged 8. Murdered in Auschwitz.

Do you sleep at night?

I am one in a million


I am one in a million, my Father says.

I am unique in every way, my Mother says.

I am their bundle of joy my parents say.

I am a threat to the nation, the Nazis say.

I am costing the country a lot of money, the government says.

I should not have been born,  Doctors from T 4  say.

I am Werner Gross, I can’t walk by myself and I can’t hear or talk properly.

I am not wanted by the state.

I am only 4

I am not one in a million, in fact I am one of 2 about million children killed.


I am just a boy


I am just a boy who wants to play outside

I am just a boy who sometimes is a little excited

I am just a boy who likes playing with toys

I am just a boy , I mean no harm.

I am just a boy with a mamma and a papa.

I am just a boy, but some people think not.

I am just a boy, and some people hate me and for what?

I am just a boy and a boy is what I’ll always be.

I am just a boy, I am Samuel Jezierski age 5

I am just a boy who will never be 6

I am just a boy murdered in Auschwitz on March 27 1944.



And Then He kissed His Children Goodnight

Arlette Orenstein

A Father does everything for his children.

A Father looks after all their needs and comforts them.

So how can a Father be evil towards other children?

Without remorse he killed thousands, many looked like his own children.

He also had a Daughter just like Arlette Orenstein. But Arlette was 4 when she was murdered on October 3 1943 as ordered by Rudolf Hoess.

Without remorse, he killed children on a daily basis and at night he would kiss his own children goodnight.

A Father does everything for his children.

A Father gives them love, hugs and kisses and tells them nighttime stories.

But some of the real nighttime stories are not suitable for young ears, because the Father in those stories is the monster.

After the killing, he kissed his own kids goodnight.

Will this be the last Sun light?


0c51b26fc77f429f624c96d21f207ff4Will this be the last Sun light I see?

I did see the sunbeams through the cracks on the train. They shone on the people in the wagon, Some did not move, They were asleep my mother said, but I don’t believe her

Will this be the last fresh air I breathe?

On the train the air was bad and smelly. I cannot explain how it smelled but it wasn’t fresh, it nearly made me sick.

Will this the last time I get to play?

I tried to play on the train but there wasn’t enough space. My Father said”Just close your eyes and pretend to play hide and seek”

Will this be the last day I live?

I am Celine Grunfogel I was murdered at Auschwitz Death Camp on July 16, 1942 at age 10.


Picture source

Yad Vashem

He smiled at me


He smiled at me and he even rubbed my head, while my mother was holding me.

He smiled at me and looked me in the eyes

I can not read yet but I know a few letters, He has the letter SS on his uniform.

He smiled at me and said goodbye

He smiled at me but he did not cry

Then we went into the shower

He smiled at me, a 2 year old girl

He smiled at me even though he knew I was going to die

I am Anne Clara Trompetter from Amsterdam and was murdered in Auschwitz

My father survived but he would never be able to smile at me.

No longer will I walk my dog


No longer will I walk my dog or ride my bike

No longer will I read a book or write a card

No longer will I do what everyone else my age does.

No longer will I be loved or no longer will I love.

Not because I am a bad person or because I am hateful.

No, only because I am a child.

Not a special or dangerous child. Just a child like any other.

Well with one difference. I belong to a group of people who are not seen as human beings but are compared to rodents.

Only because some people claim that’s what we are

No longer will see the sun rise or set

I am Suzanne Coifman, I was murdered on July 1 1944 in Auschwitz, aged 8.

No longer will I walk my dog.

The other side of Anne Frank


We all know the story of Anne Frank, well at least we think we do. But Anne Frank wasn’t only a girl who wrote a diary, she was also still a child and I think this is often forgotten. It’s probably because of her mature attitude but at the end of the day she was only a  child whose live was cut short and who was never got the opportunity  to fulfill her dreams.

Her last years she had to spend in hiding where he peers could go out for a picnic in’Vondelpark’ on a spring day or to the beach on a sunny day or put on ice skates in the winter when the canals were frozen and buy some goodies at the ‘koek en zopie’ stall- a stall where they sold cookies and hot chocolate milk or soup- for the young skaters.


She was denied finishing school and going to college. When we just keep in mind that she wasn’t only a teenage diarist but also just a child we’ll realize how deep the drama really was. It was a child who was murdered.

Below are some pictures of the child Anne Frank

Anne Frank on her first day at school in Frankfurt, 1932.


Anne Frank and 2 of her friends




Anne Frank the writer



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A tear rolls down my face


A tear rolls down my face because you made me cry, not because you hurt me.

A tear rolls down my face because you made me sad, not because you did me wrong

A tear rolls down my face and I wonder why, because I don’t know you.

A tear rolls down my face although I have never met you.

All I see is a young boy aged 9 with a happy smiley face, full of life .

This last picture of you, taken outside the entrance of a bank. is all that remains of you.

On the same day  day you started 1st grade in school, September 1,1939 an evil force swept through your land and declared you an enemy.

An ‘enemy’ that was all in their twisted mind, for how could a 6 year old be a threat.

There was no room anymore in your own land for people like you, so the evil force gave you a new ‘home’., called  Majdanek concentration camp.

You and your family had to go through a selection in this new home, in spring 1942 you survived.

On November 9th 1942 you were killed in a Gas chamber, you were 9. Your name is Henio Zytomirski

A tear rolls down my face because now I know your name and age.

A tear rolls down my face because I know I was 9 once.

A tear tolls down my face for I know the pain you felt was real.

A tear rolls down my face, knowing you died innocent.

A tear rolls down my face.