The psychological terror of Kristallnacht.

Some people say that Kristallnacht marks the start of the Holocaust. I don’t really subscribe to that point of view. In my opinion the Holocaust started on 19 August 1934. That was the date that 88.1% of the  German population gave Hitler the Carte blanche to do whatever he wanted to via a referendum, mergingContinue reading “The psychological terror of Kristallnacht.”

It would have been easy to turn a blind eye, but Fr.Lichtenberg didn’t.

It would be so easy for ordinary citizens to turn a blind eye to the Holocaust, and indeed many did. I do not judge these people, because  faced with a similar situation I don’t know how I would react. Anyone who was critical against the Nazi regime, could face a prison sentence of worse death.Continue reading “It would have been easy to turn a blind eye, but Fr.Lichtenberg didn’t.”

The Jewish typewriter salesman who recommended Hitler for an Iron cross.

I have to confess that the the title is somewhat misleading because Hugo Gutmann was not a typewriter salesman as of yet when he recommended Hitler’s award of the Iron Cross First Class. Hugo Gutmann was one of the 12,000 Jewish military who fought for Germany during WWI. from 29 January to 31 August, 1918Continue reading “The Jewish typewriter salesman who recommended Hitler for an Iron cross.”

Max Schmeling-defying an evil regime

Often the psyche of people is that they see what they want  to see. They see a headline or a picture and they will have made up their minds. There is no further need for more details on the background story, they have enough to work with and make up their own story. For exampleContinue reading “Max Schmeling-defying an evil regime”

Holocaust documented.

Telegram from Sir G Ogilvie Forbes regarding the damage dealt to Jewish properties during ‘Kristallnacht’ Telegram (en clair) from Sir G. Ogilvie Forbes (Berlin), D. BY TELEPHONE. 10th November, 1938. R 5.5p.m. 10th November, 1938 No.663. IMPORTANT My telegram No. 661. I have just returned from a tour of Friedrichstrasse and city districts where JewishContinue reading “Holocaust documented.”

The funeral of an Emperor

A historical fact that is often forgotten is that the last German emperor did not die in Germany but in the Netherlands. In the town of Doorn on 4 June 1941, at the age of 82. The Nazis had already taken control of the Netherlands for more then a year at that stage. Wilhelm II livedContinue reading “The funeral of an Emperor”

Walther Funk-Hitler’s Banker

Walther Funk, (born August 18, 1890, Trakehnen, East Prussia, Germany [now Yasnaya Polyana, Russia]—died May 31, 1960, Düsseldorf, West Germany), German Nazi and economist who was economics minister of the Third Reich from 1938 to 1945 and president of the Reichsbank from 1939. He was tried and convicted as a major war criminal by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. Sentenced to life in prison, he remained incarcerated until he wasContinue reading “Walther Funk-Hitler’s Banker”

The Leica Freedom Train

When the Nazis came to power in Germany there were plenty of business men and women who saw opportunities. Some of them saw opportunities in exploiting the environment created by the NSDAP, especially in relation to the ‘Jewish Question’ they would actively help the Nazis for their own betterment. On the other hand there wereContinue reading “The Leica Freedom Train”

How did they not see it?

The one thing that still baffles me is how did the governments around the globe not see what Hitler’s plans were? I know that Japan and Italy and to a lesser extend Finland,Romania and a few smaller countries were also axis nations but the fact is if Hitler’s Germany would not have become the powerContinue reading “How did they not see it?”

They saw what was happening and did nothing.

As Edmund Burke once said”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”, I would like to add “for good women to do nothing” This is is how the Nazi regime and all its evil could flourish. People saw what was happening, it was often blatantly obvious butContinue reading “They saw what was happening and did nothing.”